Color Play - Colored Glass

This page shows the interaction of various color transparencies, similar to using colored glass. These colors can be combined to make new colors.

These color squares are opaqueOpaque items do not allow any background to show through (opacity). on one edge, translucentTranslucent items have partial transparency. Some of the background can be seen, like looking through colored glass (translucency). in the middle, and transparentTransparent items are clear, like window glass (transparency). on the other edge. Each color has one square that fades toward the right, and one that fades toward the bottom.

color samples Note: If the color squares do not vary gradually in color like this sample, this demo won't work with your browser.

Color squares may be moved by dragging with the mouse. Double-clicking will move a color square to the back.

red1 red2 green1 green2 blue1 blue2

yellow1 yellow2 aqua1 aqua2 magenta1 magenta2

orange1 orange2 teal1 teal2 purple1 purple2

brown1 brown2 lime1 lime2 fuschia1 fuschia2

black1 black2 white1 white2

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