Feather Red Write Blue

Clear. Accurate. Concise.
Isn't that what you want in your writing?
You need someone with the technical ability of an engineer and communication skills of a writer. Someone who writes English, not jargon.

“[T]his is certainly how a spec should look, very nice!”

• Pay by the hour or by the project. Pay only for what you need.
• No need to provide a desk, computer, or software.
• No need to pay benefits for a writer you need only occasionally.

“Laura, . . . your commitment to quality, attention to details and teamwork, . . . is highly valued”

If your project is highly technical . . .
If your people are overloaded . . .
If you just need a little help . . .
. . . contact me.

“Laura Mills has been doing a fantastic job”

“I am some kind of impressed! Nice work!”

Laura Shaffer Mills
Boise, Idaho
E-mail: lmills@redwriteblue.com